Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 81| Sep 11

One of the emotional episodes of Bigg Boss season 3 is today. Losliya meets her father after a decade through this Bigg Boss platform. She is extremely overwhelmed at seeing her parents and her sisters after such a long time.

Today’s episode begins with Losliya and Vanitha discussing the plausibility of Cheran being in the secret room. Vanitha asks about the bothering issues between the trio – Losliya, Cheran and Kavin. Losliya says that Kavin doesn’t accept the suggestion that he needs to get along with Cheran as he is just a father figure and not the real father. She doesn’t make the two like each other unless they have the will to do. After a while, the housemates are given the command to freeze and they expect someone to arrive to the house. Cheran enters the house with the swag. The housemates seem to rejoice his entry and celebrate him. Cheran shares his experience off seeing the house from another perspective. He tells Vanitha and Sherin personally that these 3 are lagging in the game while others play it brilliantly. He says how Kavin emotionally manipulate Losliya and deprive her concentration from the game. Cheran advises Sherin not to lag and put forward anything else than the game.

While the housemates are relaxing, another surprise is waiting for them. Losliya’s mother and two sisters enters the house. She gasps in surprise and wells up with tears after meeting them who flew from their town. Losliya’s mother expresses a deep disappointment how her behaviour has changed over the course of the game. Her mother and sisters try to boost her morale in the game. They feel that she has placed or tied her happiness to something ot someone in the game which contradicts her independent nature. They want the Losliya who was in the initial stage of the game to be back and play the game as it is. Losliya feels a remorse that her mother isn’t proud of her and that collapses her. After a while, as a shocking surprise, Losliya’s father enters the house. Losliya trembles as she reaches to him after a whole decade. Just after few minutes, Losliya’s father asks her in a strict tone if this is all the reason why she came here to play this game. Losliya is shattered to hear this from her father who she has been deeply missing. Her father is deeply disappointed as Losliya’s identity is reduced to anything but nothing through Bigg Boss platform. It is extremely known that his father just wants the world to look upto her and proud of her. As Losliya fails to keep up her confidence and doesn’t let her talent show off, it disappoints and saddens the people who love her. Losliya realizes how her acts could totally be misread out of context in the program. They want her to shine well and focus only, just only on the game and not on anything else. Her family don’t want anyone to benefit in the game by her daughter just to get an edge.

After a while, Losliya’s father cools down and settles down to interact with everyone in the house. He talks well with Kavin too and gives him his two cents to play well the game where winning or losing doesn’t matter. Everybody should give their best. After 80 days, this is a strong hit of the reality to Losliya and to the contestants. It reminds them with what goal and plan they came into the house in the first place. It is a rock solid reminder. Losliya tries to seize each and every moment she has with her parents in the house as they will have to leave soon. Losliya’s father and mother tells her how proud they are because of her. And how they wish to see their daughter with the same confidence without any emotional baggage in the house. They try to spell it out for her that Game is just a game.

Kavin is wrecked after seeing Losliya who is overwhelmed by her parents’ arrival. He also feels responsible for the harsh way her father talks to her. Guilt eats him up. He doesn’t expect this to happen. Other housemates consoles him, in that process, Sandy tries to lighten Kavin’s grim mood with his usual jokes. It backfires. Kavin tells Sandy doesn’t read between the lines and doesn’t think twice before making a joke which end up hurting the others. The relationship between Kavin and Sandy is little cracked. Sandy is hurt but he doesn’t show it. He cries in the washroom and comes back to talk to Kavin by himself. Sandy deals with his emotions by suppressing it and put on a happy face for others. Losliya cherishes the moments with her parents. Just like any parents, they scold when they need to and love their kids when they have to. Losliya’s father has a genuine anger towards how his daughter is being talked in the society, just like any other dad would think. And he doesn’t let the confidence he has on her daughter to slide. He encourages her to play the game bravely and advises to give respect to everyone in the house. Today’s episode ends with this. We will see the remaining part of the day’s events tomorrow and her parents’ departure.

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