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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 82| Sep 12

Losliya’s parents leave the house after sharing the stuffs those burden too much outside of this house, outside in the reality. Losliya and her parents have to part ways for few days until the game is over. They believe they have instilled their wisdom in her with their utmost capacity. She feels heavy-hearted but also feels relieved. Vanitha also gives her two cents to Losliya that it is necessary to have people in our life to question us. So that we will know when we go downhill. She also advises Losliya that whatever she wants to do with her life, it is completely her rights but this place is not for that. Losliya and Kavin have a talk and they decide to put hold on their feelings as this platform is for showcasing their talents. Kavin seems wrecked by how Losliya’s father reacted with her. He doesn’t expect it will come to this situation. He seems wrecked as he has put Losliya in such a position. Losliya feels that she is responsible for whatever ordeal her family went through outside in the world. She feels the need to focus on the game for her family, for her little sisters. Losliya makes up her mind to put her feelings on hold. Kavin tries to catch up with her too. He needs at least a few hours to come out of his head. They went to sleep.

The next day begins and each one of the contestants seem newly energized. Tharshan’s mother and sister come to meet him. They share a few strong minutes of emotions. And they get back to others to introduce themselves. Sandy is everyone’s favorite in everyone’s family. Tharshan’s mother celebrate her birthday in the Bigg Boss house. Mugen has done a hand-craft gift for Tharshan’s mother and gifts her. He gets the blessings too. They all share a few beautiful moments, like Tharshan’s mother also calls Bigg Boss as Gurunatha which is Sandy’s trademark addressing way of Bigg Boss. The housemates are left in splits. Tharshan’s sister advises him not to let his friendship and emotions cloud his judgement. He has been advised and alerted to take the game seriously and to give his 100% effort whether he wins or loses.

Losliya, Vanitha and few others rest their eyes on day time. As Losliya is the captain of the house, she has been warned and she gets back to business and urges others too. After a while, Vanitha’s 2 daughter, the beautiful little kids enter the house to her surprise. The kids are welcomed wholeheartedly in the house. And when they asked to be fed by Vanitha, it shows how much they miss her in the outside world. They share their academics victories with Vanitha and yearns for her appreciation. It’s tough on both the mother and the kids. As a single mother who wish to reach for the stars, kids are always been looked as a baggage and never equal the shoulders with them to be their friends and take their advice. I think Vanitha’s set a strong example of her to the kids, to look up to her. They will grow into the great individuals who can decide for themselves on their own. The youth in the house play games with the kids and entertains them. They are shy and smart. Vanitha misses them so much as they leave but she puts on the brave face as usual.

Kavin and Sandy are back together without any remorse from yesterday. Kavin doesn’t feel down as we see today. As everybody is talking in the corridor, Cheran’s family enters the house. Cheran meets his mother, sister and daughter. Cheran and his daughter have an emotional moment as they miss each other. Cheran’s daughter says to Losliya that her father always stands with her even if his daughters make any mistakes. Cheran and his daughter have a separate moment together in which she shares that he doesn’t have to put up with people who questions his love. She also envies that there can’t be another daughter in the picture, she means Losliya. Cheran’s mother, who is old and withering, wishes everyone in the house genuinely without reserving her wishes just for her son Cheran. She lauds Tharshan’s active nature and Sandy’s humour. They leave the house after bidding a hearty goodbye. The housemates feel contended.

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