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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 83| Sep 13

Another Friday in the Bigg Boss house, Family round is over today with Kavin, Sherin and Sandy. Kavin meets his friend Pradeep inside the Bigg Boss house and gets hard-slapped by him. Kavin, who values relationships in life, reflects the same in the Bigg Boss house too. His friends, family and fans, who hope to see him as a winner, are disappointed at his destructive play. Kavin’s friend Pradeep has come there to make him realize that. He insists that no one should depend or protect anybody in the game. His friend’s arrival is a reality check that is necessary for Kavin. Kavin gets slapped by his friend to make him understand what he has been losing in the game. The housemates are startled by this act. They feel Kavin needs this shock treatment to get on his feet in the game. Kavin’s friend tells Losliya too to focus on the game and prioritize the game. He tells the housemates too to play their own game and don’t try to protect Kavin unless that’s your strategy in the game.

Kavin realizes what he has been doing and he has people outside the house who depend on his growth. He says that he feels okay like never before. Vanitha too gives her two cents to Losliya and Sherin that it’s family is our first priority. She tells Losliya to think of her sisters as her first children. Losliya too feels the same and haunted by the words of her sister when she told Losliya that she didn’t want to advise her. Losliya realizes that it’s a game and mustn’t get attached with people and expect them to reciprocate the same emotions which hinders her performance.

Sherin’s mother and friend meets her in the house. Sherin’s mother is cool and carefree with everybody in the house. Sherin’s mothers shows how grateful she is for Cheran is with her to comfort her. Sherin’s friend Shreeja tells her not to trust anybody in the game, especially Vanitha. Sherin is being told how Vanitha talks of her behind her back and portray her as an incompetent housemate. Sherin takes it lightly but definitely takes it to her mind and will remember it. Sherin’s mother gets into the house spirits and does a lovely romantic dance number with Sandy. They bid goodbye to all of them shortly.

Sandy has been waiting to meet his kid and wife since morning in the house. He is anxious until he has to face the moment. He keeps himself prepared but still nervous to face his little kid LaLa (Suzanna). He is at war with himself due to the fear of being turned down by his little daughter. He wants her to remember him. He wants her to dance with him. He wants her to play with him. He wants her to kiss him as much as he wants. Everybody in the house rejoices the arrival of the little kid. They adore her. LaLa embraces the new environment that she has been put now. Sandy still feels a little disconnected as LaLa doesn’t dance with on his toe how she used to do before Bigg Boss. Sandy’s wife tells him that the kid will feel the same once he is out of the game. She just wants Sandy to be patient for the next few days as it will all be over soon and he can be with her soon. Today’s episode ends with Sandy spends his time with his wife and daughter. This week has been an emotional roller coaster for all the housemates. They are yet to face the reality of the eviction in the weekend tomorrow when they meet Kamal. Vanitha, Sandy, Tharshan, Sherin and Kavin face the eviction. Let’s see who gets to be saved this weekend.

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