Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 85| Sep 15



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Vanitha leaves the Bigg Boss house in this week’s eviction. Kamal begins today’s episode with a monologue regarding the issues on the board exams for the middle school kids. This would eventually build up the pressure in children and lead them to failure and discontinue their studies. It would increase the child labours in our country. (the teachers must build the morale in the students to face the failures but Kamal went with the solution to nullify this new update in education system).

Kamal meets the contestants and shares the video messages from the contestants’ families who couldn’t personally meet them. Tharshan celebrates his birthday today and the day turns better with a message from his father. Cheran gets his wishes from nephew in Australia. Mugen gets his motivation from his father’s message and he gets teary eyed. Sherin meets her Aunt and feels happy. Sandy meets his sister-in-law and his mother-in-law. They share how Sandy has been a real supportive and responsible to his family like a son. Sandy and his family gets really emotional. Kamal too is surprised with a message from his brother Charu Hasan. His brother tells how Kamal developed his love for cinema in a family where they didn’t have the luxury to experiment with themselves. Kamal also equally shares his enthusiasm and shows his gratefulness to his family.

Kamal asks each contestants about their intuition on who gets to leave the house and in what order. Mostly, everyone mouths Vanitha’s name. She too is mentally prepared herself to leave the house. Kamal let the contestants know who gets saved by the songs that played when each contestant met their family. He let know Kavin is saved and Tharshan and Sandy are saved. Between Sherin and Vanitha, he let them know that Vanitha is leaving. She bids a hearty goodbye to all of them. Cheran is sad at her departure. Vanitha equals to uniqueness, boldness and now motherly nature too. She doesn’t break her winner medal unlike other contestants who left the house. She is the first wild card entry to Bigg Boss Tamil of all the seasons. She considers herself as the winner for sustaining more than 80 days and likes to take the medal as a lovely memory. She leaves with the medal with a genuine happy face, with a happiness to begin the fresh life outside the house.

Vanitha, with a bouncy happiness, meets Kamal on the stage. She enjoys a short film that made just for her by the Bigg Boss team. She bids goodbye again to the contestants from the stage. Vanitha fulfills her dream of dancing with the universal hero on the Bigg Boss stage. She feels contended and accepts this result wholeheartedly. She thanks Vijay TV for this opportunity.

Inside the house, things are same with a ignited enthusiasm. Losliya , Tharshan and Bigg Boss have fun at her obedience to the rules in the house. Tharshan celebrates his birthday by having a cake with everyone and greeting card from his family. Sherin also is found wearing the Gurunatha t-shirt with the boys gang. As the contestants are reduced to 7 in count, Game is going to get tougher. Let’s see how they tackle all of them.

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