Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 86| Sep 16



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As 3 more weeks to go, Bigg Boss season 3 is getting more tougher. As this Monday begins, we see the housemates get on their routine. Sandy prepares a wheat dosa with a bug on it and justifies it’s a non-veg Dosa. They surely miss Vanitha. The contestants are shown the messages from each of their family members as a recap from last week. It is to remind them where they stand in this game. Bigg Boss announces that direct ticket to finale task has begun this week. Out of this 7, one of them is gonna get the ticket to go to finale. It will be assessed by multiple tasks all over this week. Eviction nomination is done. Cheran, Sherin, Mugen, Losliya and Kavin are facing the eviction this week. Kavin is upset with Losliya because she mentioned to Kamal yesterday, on the Sunday program, that she doesn’t know to distinguish which is true and which is not, in the house. Kavin takes this to his heart and believes that Losliya said that about him even though when Losliya denies that she didn’t mention about him.

To the ticket to finale task, the first task is to tie balloons to their each ankles and protect it while busting the balloons of others. The contestants play with an increased intensity. Right from the beginning, Tharshan and Sandy show their impulse to win the task. Kavin loses it in the very beginning of the task. Sherin plays only defence instead of attack method and Losliya too. Tharshan and Sandy plays attack method. While Cheran and Mugen fail at their attack method. When it comes down to Tharshan and Sandy, Tharshan’s leg is hurt and he continues to play the task until the very end. Tharshan wins the task.

Kavin plays his harmless mean method to Sherin and tries to irritate her when they were cooking. It seems he does this to overcome his heartbreak and tries to cover it up. Sandy and Cheran thinks about how this game is gonna go further and visualise its course. Second task is to pull rope with each other to the other side of the line. They divide into 2 teams. Cheran captures the task in Oppo as a video. Tharshan, Sherin and Kavin as a team wins. Tharshan is physically strong and pulled Mugen and Sandy over the line with a little effort. Through Helo app contest, 2 viewers of the show get an opportunity to meet the housemates and explain them about their task.

The contestants rank each other from one to seven according to their own justice. Tharshan occupies the first place more than once. This task also goes under one of the ticke finale tasks. The day is over. Just like in the initial days, Kavin displays his jovial attitude towards Sherin in an harmless way. She also play with him by getting irritated. Losliya seems happy that she finally sees Kavin to grasp on his own reality.

This week is going to be challenging for all the contestants. And with an opportunity to win the direct ticket to finale, the contestants are going to be merciless. They don’t hold any petty grudge over anyone anymore. They have begun to play an honest gentlemen & an honest Ladies game.

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