Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 90| Sep 20

Sandy-Kavin friendship has been garnered and projected itself as a kind of relationship would anyone want in their lifetime. They were lauded for looking out for each other among other chaos. Today, the slight crack in their friendship developed and ends at heartbreak.

In the task to protect golden eggs, Sandy helps Tharshan and Mugen to break Kavin and Losliya’s treasure. He helps them in the diversion and to strategize. Losliya calls Sandy that he has finally shown his true colour of who he is when he didn’t help his friend Kavin succeed. Losliya’s expectations are unfair in a game. She is wrong of thinking like that. But human emotions can’t help not to surface it. She is honest in asking the questions that popped in her head. Sandy is heartbroken at her remarks and even more when Kavin doesn’t speak out to say it is not Sandy’s fault. It gives Sandy an impression that Kavin also feels like Losliya and don’t trust him. Losliya also mentions that Sandy ranked Kavin in 7th place which she says she expected more from a friend. Kavin doesn’t want to dwell on it. He just wants to leave the conversation as it is before it breaks anyone.

Next day begins and Sandy is found to be crying in the confession room to Bigg Boss. Sandy is sad that even Kavin doesn’t seem to understand that his heart is at the right place. He feels Kavin is distancing himself away from his close friend Sandy. Sandy couldn’t bear it. He doesn’t know how to distinguish right and wrong when you play with a friend who you don’t want to hurt. Sandy is at war with himself and seeks help at Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says soothing words to Sandy to calm him down to get him back on his feet. He tries to make him whole who only want to spread the joy who he is with. Sandy gains some confident and be ready to talk things over with Kavin.

Sandy and Kavin talks about it and tries to get things out of their chest that keeps them burdening. Cheran and others feel Losliya is not sure how her choice of words affects other people. Kavin and Sandy tries to go back how they used to be and hold no more grudge over each other. Ticket to finale task happen today too. The housemates play pictionary game as two teams to draw their imaginary world and let others find what it is. They have created a Pakkoda Planet too. Second task is, the contestants ride bicycle continuously until Bigg Boss tells them to stop. It has been five hours and Kavin, Cheran and Sherin give up after a tough fight and sit down with their hurted legs. Each contestant is contesting for someone else who they don’t know. At the end of the task, they will know for whom they have been riding the bicycles hard. We will know that tomorrow. The contestants meet Kamal tomorrow.

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