Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 91| Sep 21



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The weekend is here. And the ticket to finale week is finally coming to an end. After a difficult week, with a lot of back breaking tasks, Mugen comes out as the winner and gets the Golden Ticket to the finale. The first finalist of Bigg Boss Season 3 is Mugen Rao. Kamal meets the winner inside the house and delivers the medal to acknowledge his victory.

Today’s episode begins with the contestants riding bicycles from yesterday’s task. Losliya, Sandy, Mugen and Tharshan rides it with a steady progress. Losliya kept going on for more than five hours. Sherin marked the five hour duration too on her part. Losliya had to give up as her cloth stuck with the wheel and prevented her from going on. She is disappointed at herself for giving up while Kavin boosts her morale. Mugen kept going on more than for 5 hours and finally gave up as it began to hurt his thigh. Sandy and Tharshan kept going for more than 8 hours. Sandy finally got off the cycle as he mistakenly slipped the foot from the pedal. Tharshan shortly stops the ride too. We peek to the house what happened on Friday. We get a couple of fun skits on Nippon paint. Kavin, Tharshan and Mugen do a funny wonderful skit and wins the task.

Mugen is announced as the winner by the Bigg Boss as he is ahead of others in points. He showed himself as a determined hard worker as he was at the last position and reached the winning position with a lot of effort. Kamal comes inside the house to meet Mugen personally and rewards him with the golden ticket medal. He is shown a replay of his game and he says he doesn’t feel the pain now as he has reached the point where he always wanted to be. Kamal lauds his sportsmanship and encourages him to play like this with a determination as he moves forward in the game. The contestants watch the conversation between Kamal and Mugen from the living area on the plasma TV.

Kamal meets the contestants as usual from the stage. He talks to Sandy as he has been down lately and asks him what has been bugging him. Kamal has to drill deeper to get the words out of Sandy as he doesn’t want to talk ill or sound ill to his friends. Kamal refers to the point where Losliya asked Sandy why he he hadn’t been generous with Kavin in playing the game. Kamal objects that no one can be favoured in a game even if they are kith and kin. Kamal lauds Sandy’s way of playing and lauds Cheran too as he did what he could when he wasn’t able to perform. Kamal sides with Sandy on this one as what Losliya or Kavin expects can’t be possible in a gentleman game. He also hints it might be their strategy on how to play it.

Kamal speaks in an aim to elevate Sandy’s game spirit. He doesn’t want him to lose the game as he is the only one for many out there helping to cope with. Losliya and Kavin puts forward their point of view on the game from their perception. They hold the low position in the game and it, for the first time, frustrated him to give his best in the game. Losliya and Kavin accepts Kamal’s insight as they should have perceived the game as it is without expecting it from a friend to back them up.

Kamal also talks about justifiable Tharshan’s anger in the task. He lauds Mugen’s gentleman kind and sportsmanship in the game when he came forward to stop Tharshan’s bleeding. Kamal urges himself to compare Mugen-Tharshan’s approach to the game to Sandy-Kavin. Kamal tells them to be more like Mugen and Tharshan. We will know who leaves and who stays in the house. Losliya, Kavin, Tharshan, Cheran and Sherin face eviction this week.

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