Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 92| Sep 22



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After 90 days into Bigg Boss season 3, Contestants are mentally prepared towards the eviction process. As Mugen already won the golden ticket, he is free from getting nominated for eviction. Losliya, Kavin, Cheran, Sherin face the nomination this weekend. Among them, Cheran, who has already had the experience getting evicted, face himself in the same situation today too.

Losliya says to Bigg Boss in the confession room that she wants to leave the house as she has faced some bitter experience in the recent days. She hurt Sandy unintentionally and her relationship with Tharshan looks strained too. The people, with who she was once close, starts to hurt her and she hurt them. Losliya could bare it no more. Bigg Boss tries to cheer her up and help her get on with her day.

Kamal begins today with a monologue about Rain water harvesting and how our Tamil ancestors had prepared the water resources for the future and how we got lost in the British administration and lost the knack for it. He insists the importance on water conservation. He meets the contestants into the house. Frooti caller of the week asks Cheran that why he didn’t object his real daughter’s perception on not considering Losliya as one of them. Cheran denies that he didn’t express it. He says he did tell his daughter to see Losliya as her sister. Kamal asks the contestants about the golden ticket tasks last week and the friction that happened between the housemates. The task, in which, they had to name them for who got lost in the game, who plays tricks and be cunning, who takes advantage of the each other feelings. They seem to accept who it got assigned to. Kamal announces that Sherin get saved from the eviction. Among the three, Losliya, Kavin and Cheran, Losliya is asked who she wanna save and she points to Cheran and Kavin. Kamal says Kavin gets saved. Between Losliya and Cheran, one of them has to go. The father-daughter relationship comes to an end. It is not told who leaves the house yet and tension builds up among other housemates. All of them says they want to save Cheran out of love. But, in their deep mind, they sense that Losliya is gonna be saved. Losliya is prepared to go without any regrets. She arranges her things while Kavin tells her that it is not finalised yet. Losliya and Cheran are asked to come to activity room and made wait there. They talk with Kamal from there. Kamal lets them know that it is Cheran who leaves the house. Cheran bids her goodbye and advises her to take advantage of her another chance. 12 more days to go and Cheran just wants her to give her complete focus to the game. It is a sweet goodbye from a father to a daughter.

Losliya goes back to the house as the others expected. Cheran talks to them from the stage. It is an heartwarming speech by Cheran. He says how much he has learned, how much he has known himself in this adventurous experience. Cheran is content that he has got to experience this and considers himself a winner as his trophy is his experience. Cheran gets to meet his father and other family members today. His father seems proud of Cheran. Cheran gives his best to Kavin. He says even though he posed himself as a tough competitor and didn’t slide his opportunity. He gave his complete effort as he feels he obligates too. Cheran didn’t take advantage of his chances and played the game very well. But he gives his hearty wishes to Kavin to win the final. He wishes Tharshan and Sherin too to play the game with their best suits. Cheran leaves the stage with contention.

Losliya tells Kavin why her relationship with Tharshan is strained as he hurt her with aggressive talk when she made fun of him. Kavin tries to put things in their place as she is pushing Tharshan’s and Sandy’s buttons and she can avoid that. As Mugen is a straight finalist, others are directly facing the eviction for next week.

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