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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 95| Sep 25

Sherin feels her privacy is violated since Tharshan went through her trash. We saw Sherin wrote an intimate letter to Tharshan yesterday as a part of a task where she was told that no one but her read that letter. Sherin seems she has poured out her feelings into the letter to Tharshan which remains unknown. Sherin doesn’t want Tharshan to read that letter, so he teared it. She felt bad for the same as she didn’ oblige Bigg Boss’s order in the task. Hence, Sherin wrote another letter last night and decided to give that one to Tharshan. In today’s episode, as the day begins, Tharshan sees that Sherin threw the torn pieces of the letter into the trash bin. When Sherin goes to shower, Tharshan gathers the pieces from the trash. With Mugen’s help, he paste them together and others keep their distance from the personal issue.

Tharshan says few words from the letter for Sherin to hear it. And she loses her cool. She feels her privacy is violated by Tharshan’s curiosity but they quickly make things sorted. As Tharshan is the King, fun continues today also. The time comes for Tharshan to reciprocate the service the fellow housemates did yesterday.

Task of the day is, the contestants fish for plastic balls in the middle of the yard while standing in a circle. They have to grab the ball like they grab a fish from lake. Losliya collects more balls and wins it.

Bigg Boss season 2 contestants Janani and Rithvika meet the housemates today. They wish everyone well and get on to their business. Rithvika promotes “Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu”. The housemates watch the trailer and give their regards for the stunning visuals. As Sandy worked in the project as a chroegrapher, he says how it is one of unique projects to hit the cinemas. They release the movie’s poster too. Janani release first look of her new movie Vezham in which she joins forces once again with Thegidi fame Ashok Selvan. Rithvika and Janani bid goodbye to the housemates just after they deliver a mysterious brief case from Bigg Boss.

The brief case contains 5 lakh check banner. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that as all of them are nominated this week, it is uncertain who will leave the game. There can be only one winner and the winner takes 50 lakh at the end. Now, it is an opportunity for the contestants to leave the house with 5 lakh immediately. Kavin comes forward while Sandy expresses utter disappointment. They try to stop Kavin. Kavin says he is ready to leave the house with money and he waits for Bigg Boss’s answer.

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