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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 98| Sep 28

Kamal meets the 5 contestants who made it till 98 days into the Bigg Boss season 3. They seem thrived and happy as they have run the race until the very end of this game. They meet Kavin who shares the stage with Kamal and tells the reason why he chose to leave the house before finale.

We peek into the house to know what happened on this Friday. They play airtel tv task and play Mute charades. Sandy and Sherin win it together. They get their wishes granted from yesterday’s task. Tharshan and Sandy get their food treats. Sherin gets her Spa wish and a makeover to her hair. Losliya gets a Bigg Boss’s picture which is a silhouette of his photo where they couldn’t make out his face.

Contestants meet Kamal. He appreciates how they were willing to save each other from nomination and to eat chillies for that sake. Kamal lauds the contestants who gave shoulder to Losliya while she was wrecked by Kavin’s departure. Kavin is called onto the stage. Kamal asks what his plan was all along. Kavin says he entered the house with a dream to win it just as any other contestants. He decided to turn on his playboy charm just as how he got introduced to the audience through TV series. But he realized later that it doesn’t do well with the reality show. He decided to go with what feels right and ended up facing some heartbreaks with Sakshi. He took a guilt trip when Losliya’s game got distracted because of the relationship with him. And he realized when played in the golden ticket task, he faced a slight friction with his close friend Sandy and Sherin too. He couldn’t go against his friends even when it is a game. He couldn’t stay in the house against his will. He waited for the opportunity to leave and utilized it. He says it is not for the money.

Kavin meets the contestants and wishes them well. He says whoever wins the title, he is happy for them. Sandy is baffled why Kavin left and tries to ask him. The friends decide to save their conversation to continue when they meet outside. Kavin specially concerns at the wellness of Losliya and tells her to play well for her father sake and his sake too. They bid goodbye to each other without actually want to part ways. Kamal appreciates how Sherin has transformed herself in the show towards its end.

Kavin leaves the stage wholeheartedly as he has been honest to himself all along. For the reward, he leaves with the 5 lakh that was promised to him. Kamal meets the contestants again and let them know Sandy is saved as the second finalist. Sandy thanks his family and fans with much grateful enthusiasm. Kamal leaves them without telling who leaves the house between Sherin, Losliya and Tharshan. One more to go to Bigg Boss season 3 finale week.

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