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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 99| Sep 29

To the surprise to everyone inside and outside of the house, One of the strongest contestants, Tharshan, leaves the Bigg Boss house. This is the final eviction in the season 3 of Bigg Boss. Tharshan, the show-stealer has successfully spent 99 days in the Bigg Boss house.

Kamal meets the audience and begins his monologue today with the introduction to how our planet’s ecosystem is getting collapsed with too much plastic. Without further adieu, he meets the 5 contestants who are waiting to meet him inside the house. Kamal asks Sherin about her secret letter to Tharshan which she shyly declines to talk about it. And Tharshan calls the letter to be sweet. Kamal also talks about Sandy’s cooking this week and how he disorderly maintained the kitchen, say – a fly Dosa and garbage omelette. As it is established yesterday, Sandy is the second finalist in this season following the golden ticket winner Mugen. Sandy is sent a medal to acknowledge his position. Out of the 3, Losliya, Sherin and Tharshan, Kamal let them know that Losliya secures the 3rd place. To Losliya’s surprise, she has become the finalist. Between Sherin and Tharshan, Sherin secures as the final contestant who enters the final week. It shocks the viewers and the fellow contestants to know Tharshan leaves the house.

They couldn’t digest the fact and remain thinking that this kind of play. They still believe that Tharshan will stay in the house. Sherin has convinced herself that she would be the least favorite to the audience and she would leave this week. They all believed that Tharshan was the one who kept his focus on the game and gave his 100% effort in the game. They couldn’t bat their eyes as they are witnessing one of the most deserving persons gets evicted unfairly. This is something they never dreamt of.

Sherin is heartbroken that she felt Tharshan is the most deserving to go to the finals than her. She feels a guilt as she could’ve cost him the votes last week because of her some inadvertent actions. Everyone was sure of Sherin would be the one who would leave but seeing Tharshan goes, it really breaks them. Tharshan has to console each of them as they are more broken than him. Tharshan takes it lightly and leaves the house with contention. Sandy doesn’t allow him to break his medal but Bigg Boss insists that he does. After Tharshan leaves the house, some quietness engulf the house. Sherin looks at the broken medal and couldn’t help her not to cry. She takes the broken pieces as a souvenir.

The housemates, who are already broken by Kavin’s departure, are pushed further down by Tharshan’s eviction too. The boys feel that they have lost a limb without Tharshan. The genuineness in their feelings surely touch us too. Tharshan joins Kamal on stage with the exciting uproar from the audience. Tharshan shares his heartfelt experience inside the house and registers that it’s a phenomenal experience that anyone’s ever gonna ask for. He meets the fellow housemates from stage and wishes them well.

Tharshan wishes Losliya for becoming one of the finalists. Losliya expresses how she really wished to see him on the final stage but to see the reverse is happening, wrecks her. Sherin has got a lump in her throat due to this sadness and couldn’t utter a work but keeps shedding tears. Mugen and Sandy are baffled to know why the most deserving contestant has left the house. But, in their hearts, they see Tharshan as a winner. Tharshan wishes all of them well and bids goodbye. Kamal wishes Tharshan a goodluck and shows him the way out to a beautiful future that awaits him. The four finalists Mugen, Sandy, Losliya and Sherin are still shaken by the result. They tend to console each other and exchange the courage to go 7 more days in the Bigg Boss house.

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