Bigg Boss Exclusive Press Meet: Madhumitha reveals that 8 contestants responsible for her “incident”

Madhumitha who attempted suicide inside the Bigg Boss house left the show immediately because of the rules.

Right after her exit, a lot of rumours started making rounds, and Madhumitha did not open up on any of the issues.

On Monday, Madhumitha finally addressed the press and spoke about what had happened.

Though she did not mention the names of the contestants, she said that “eight contestants” inside the house except for Kasturi and Cheran everybody harassed her for her views.

On August 15th, the contestants had a contest to take about something that would go into, say, WhatsApp status. While everybody told some punch dialogues, songs and so on, Madhumitha said a one-liner: “Why Varuna Bhagavan is not giving rain to Tamil Nadu and about Kaveri issue”. This did not go well with the contestants who constantly claimed that she brought politics into the talk, and that is when the fight started.

She mentioned that the “eight contestants” spoke ill of her and it was like gang raging. While Kasturi tried to speak for Madhumitha, the “gang” insulted her as well.

When the fight went for more than an hour and a half, Bigg Boss interfered to put out a letter asking the contestants to stop talking about politics and had mentioned that this will not be telecasted. This did not stop the “gang” but only worked their way out when then used some bad words.

Madhumitha who became emotional tried to end her life by cutting her hand. Even when that was happening, nobody from the gang showed emotions and it was only Kasturi and Cheran who tried to stop the blood.

Madhumitha added that she didn’t remember what she said at that time. She then asked why Bigg Boss interfered now alone and not when the contestants normally used to talk about the politics which happens literally every single day.

Madhumitha said that she was shocked to see humanity among the contestants and she feels bad that they are all here from different states and country to live a life in a Chennai.

She quoted that she is a religious person and even before the show, she went to her native to do some pooja asking for the rains.

When asked about why she didn’t file a case over the gang, Madhumitha said that it was unnecessary because the contestants inside the house don’t even think about their parents and the family while they are inside and behave badly. She added that Cheran and her normally used to tell the contestants to think about their family and what would they think if they get to watch what’s happening inside the house. Since the contestants don’t even care about that, she cannot expect humanity from them and said that she doesn’t want to hurt their families by filing a case. She said that she has low blood pressure and after she attempted suicide, the pressure became high and she would have suffered a stroke.

When asked about the case she filed over the Television, Madhumitha said that it was not because of the payment but it was to allow her to do a press meet. Madhumitha went to the police station filed the case on the channel after the latter didn’t respond her properly. She said that the channel did not respond to the police calls as well.

She said that she would like to tell to Kamal Haasan that as a host it is important for him to know what is happening inside the house and talk about it as he represents the people.