Prachi Mishra removed her post regarding Mahat in Instagram. Wondered why she did that and then realised about the spamming and sharing to others to create a “big fuss”. Then I got to see the video from India Glitz where the host (Vidhya) calls Shariq and inquired about Mahat’s behaviour in “Bigg Boss” and he is feeling for him as he like all the viewers witnessed that “Yashika and Aishwarya” are behind this behaviour.

They triggered him to behave in an annoying way to Mumtaz. He said ,”Something that happened in the house have affected him so deeply and he is not a kind of person who fights with someone volunteering-ly. He is influenced by someone in the house and something has gone wrong“.

When Vidhya asked about “Mahat openly accepting that he is in love with Yashika?”

He explained that he is just getting infatuated as it is an isolated environment without phones and external contacts. And he specified that once he comes out and it will get sorted.

He said that he talked about it to Prachi and asked her not to take any haste decisions and may be that is the reason she might have removed the post.

Shariq explained Vidhya that Mahath actually loves Prachi so much and as there is nobody inside the house, something weird automatically happens and it is human nature. Nothing is planned inside the house.

When Vidhya inquired about , “Yashika is the one who triggered Mahat and Aishwarya and then she sat next to Mumtaz on Saturday. Why?”

Shariq’s answer was “Actually, Yashika is using Mahat. He is trusting her blindly. After I came out, he is out of control. Yashika is playing some game. He is the scapegoat and I actually want him to come out as his name is damaged to a great extent.”.  

And he clearly explained that Mumtaz did not influence him regarding him and Aishwarya.

He should come out and understand what exactly happened in the house and who is triggering him and I want him to come out and see.

He said, “Once Mahath is away from Yashika and Aishwarya his originality will come out and he will play his game. So please dont hate him as this is not the real Mahath

Hope Mahath comes back to normal.
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