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Buffalo racer Srinivas Gowda to attend trials at Bengaluru SAI on Monday

The man who made heads turn after running in the muddy field and picked up a comparison with Usain Bolt has caught the eyes of Kiren Rijiju and is all set to attend trails in Bengaluru.

“I will call Srinivasa Gowda for trials by top SAI Coaches. There’s a lack of knowledge in masses about standards of the Olympics, especially in athletics where ultimate human strength and endurance are surpassed. I’ll ensure that no talent in India is left out untested,” Kiren Rijiju was quoted as saying by ANI news agency.

This is not the first time Kiren Rijiju has reacted to social media buzz.

In 2019, the sports ministry arranged for a trial for a Madhya Pradesh farmer who, in a viral video, completed a 100m lap in just 11s on barefoot. A trial race was arranged for Rameshwar Gurjar but the youngster failed to live up to expectations.

Kiren Rijiju said that the pressure on the young man caused him the fail and promised that he would train him.

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