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‘Bumrah loves the attention’

Bumrah had a bad day. He had a stiff back. He was bowling slow and was inaccurate. He hates being shadowed. In the other match, Archer was grabbing all the attention, thanks to his fiery bowling. He was incredible. Jaw-droppingly awesome. Bumrah possibly was watching that. Though he enjoyed the spell, he wanted them too. It’s Bumrah. He loves to dominate. He loves to stay on top and grab all the attention. He doesn’t react and seems like one but his performances talks. Bumrah, who hates to come second, needed something special. He is not someone who is into bowling fiery bouncers. That’s not his USP. His USP is targetting the stumps, knocking one of them. He wants to stick to the same.

Come second innings. He analyses the wind which was blowing across. This time he was feeling better. He knows he can bowl faster. He knows it’s time to unleash the new weapon. The out-swinger. He always had one but he was shy to use them. Maybe because he is a newbie? Do ragging occurs in bowling too?

The Dukes pulled the rabbit out of Bumrah’s hand. There were out-swingers. Seven out of the ten times he was bowling them. Should I say he Duked the batter with the out-swinger?

Bumrah was the knocking the antagonist, the batter. The ball, the stumps were dancing to Bumrah’s tune. The Seam, the Swing, and the Late movement were the different music that was making the ball, the stumps to dance. It was a pleasant song. It was a song of reunion for the ball and the stump. You should have seen how excited the stumps were to meet the ball. They were cartwheeling. A happy sign.

He smiles. That is all he does. The smile tells a lot. The smile is a reply to everyone who was watching him. The smile asks the batter the feedback. The smile acknowledges the captain for the belief he had on him. The smile tells his fellow pacers that’s how it’s done. The smile teaches the opponent team’s pacers a beautiful lesson. The smile tells the fans that he has more tricks.

He goes back after picking up fifer to cherish them all. He loves to cherish the battles. He loves to cherish the moment. He stands up in the dressing room, views the ground and cherishes the moment. He feels grateful for what had happened but he doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t believe if people say he is already perfect. He tries to learn. Sweat. Invent new tricks and come back to surprise all of us. He loves to surprise, doesn’t he?

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