Candy Jar- Stream it right now

Movie revolves around: Sami Gayle and Jacob Latimore.

Streams in : Netflix

Candy Jar (2018) is such a sweet movie from Netflix originals about two high school nerds who were competing each other from their childhood life in debates and at some point, they realise they share many things in common. They always prepare for their debates, practice at homes with their laptops ignore the fun activities and dream to study in their favourite best university. The silly rivalry between their moms and how they join together at one point to represent their school.


When they realise that they have never explored their fun side, they take a rightful decision and it strikes a spark in us. Every college, school student who try hard each day could relate to the movie and it can change the lives.

The time when Jacob takes her to a movie and the conversations they have later on can be remembered.

Entire theme of the movie is pleasant and bright.

Do stream it in Netflix and its not something we could skip once we see the trailer.

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