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Avoiding public gatherings matters most: Dr Madan Gunasekaran on Corona outbreak

On March 22nd, India witnessed a mass shutdown, Janata Curfew based on the instructions of PM Modi. PM Modi also spoke about social distancing and...
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It’s never too late to dream- Entrepreneur Poornima opens up

Everything happens for a reason, they say and in case of Poornima it is well and truly right. She was pregnant when she lost her...
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Aarthi-Bala, an adventitious couple, proves once again that love is the strongest thing in the world.

Lakshmi Muthiah
It is heartwarming to just to listen to this two individuals. Yes, they are a couple but that fact doesn’t smudge their individuality. They both...
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I like to convey stories through pictures as a lens captures the beauty and the truth what the eyes miss out | Says Cyril Eanastein

Lakshmi Muthiah
“Photography is my passion, my life. I learned to play with the camera before I played with the toys in my childhood” says Cyril, the...