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In Conversation With Short Stories

என் இனிய தனிமையே..!

Shiva Chelliah
சரியா மார்ச் மாதம் தொடங்குச்சுஇந்த கொரோனா பிரச்சனை அப்போஇருந்து நம்ம எல்லோர் காதுக்கும்ஒரே அலைவரிசையில ஒலிக்குறஒரு வார்த்தைன்னா அது லாக்டவுன்- ன்றஇந்த வார்த்தை தான், ஊர் சுற்றித்திரிந்த வேடந்தாங்கல்பறவையை சிறகுடைத்து நீ பறக்ககால அவகாசம்...
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Gurumurthy wants Kalai Va Nee to break the barrier of gender, class, caste

It is not often a stand-up comedy show in Tamil stands for inclusive values and does not ride on the jokes about privileged communities caste...
In Conversation With Indian Sports

We need at least 3 months to recoup: Gold medallist Arathi Arun on getting back to gym

This lockdown has taken a toll on everyone, both mentally and physically. While the normal works have been interrupted, the closing of gyms and other...
Cricket In Conversation With World Cup 2019

Humbled, amazed to see how the image caught on: ‘Pakistan meme man’ Muhammad Sarim Akhtar

Oh, who can forget a Pakistan fan’s reaction to his team losing to Australia in the 2019 World Cup?The cameraman picked it up and now,...
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I value to cherish memories over money: “Explore with Thamizhachi” Monisha Boopathi

Monisha Boopathi probably is an epitome to “Breaking the stereotypes”. Despite having a 9-5 job, Monisha knows how to follow her passion and enjoy life....
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The Art of Visual Deception: Akinson Sharma talks about how he delightfully engineers his photo-realistic artwork

Lakshmi Muthiah
Artists have a way to deceive how the viewers’ view certain artwork. They delight and surprise with their unimaginable level of skills they acquire and...
Cinema In Conversation With

Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy about his life, music and #MeToo

Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy is an Indian film composer and music producer. He has worked in multiple projects including ‘Yaadhumaagi Nindraai’, ‘Vidhi Madhi Ultaa’.Here are excerpts from...