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Celebrity fitness trainer Divya Rajkumar on her film, fitness and more!

Divya Rajkumar is a well-known name when it comes to fitness as well as celebrity fitness training. Undoubtedly inspiring, Divya is an MBA graduate, and also she competed in more than 100 swimming competitions. A head injury forced her to give up swimming competitions, and she found her calling in Fitness training.

While rocking the fitness industry, Divya also was a part of a pilot film, Body Bhaskar.

Talking about the movie, she says, “I was surprised to know that I could act. Of course, my main goal is fitness. When the director gave me this opportunity, I was worried, but the team helped me to pull it off. The team was very friendly, and I was comfortable with them. Also, the film was content-oriented which worked well. This is certainly a level up in my career, and I have a lot to learn here.”

She adds, “I was selected for different roles in a few movies earlier, but I couldn’t go ahead with it because of my busy profession. I might take up roles in future, roles like an athlete, police or a trainer, something like that.”

Talking about what motivates her to stay fit, “It is an addiction. If you start seeing or feeling the changes in your body, it automatically becomes your addiction, a routine.”

In our country, the ‘couple’ fitness trainers are less. Divya says that, along with her husband, she wanted to break the chords. “I have been a fitness freak for more than five years now and is a trainer for three years. I got into this mainly because of my husband who is a bodybuilder and was in the services team. We took up as a challenge to become the trainers we are today. We did face a lot of difficulties in doing so. Also, our goal is to compete together soon”.

They do train people from different walks of life. It is not going to be easy to handle all of them as well as the schedule. Talking about the same, “Different people have different goals, and things vary accordingly. It is not easy for celebrities to come regularly, blame their schedule. So, we would send them their diet chart as well as the exercise chart, and we would communicate through video calls. As far as college students are concerned we make sure to charge them what they can afford.”

This lockdown did break people’s routine. It is difficult for all of us to stay fit, especially for those who hit the gym regularly. Divya says that it is important for us to look after our body especially during this time. “This quarantine is certainly breaking people’s routine, however, it is not like you need equipment to stay fit. You can use the stairs for the exercise, and you can use even two litres bottles instead of dumbbells. It is important to keep an eye on diet as well. Look after your body now rather than fighting hard after the quarantine”.

Adding more on fitness, “It is a lifestyle something that changes your complete routine unlike say, sports. More than the workouts we do, being ‘discipline’ with what we eat is the most important thing. Controlling your temptation will reward you, and it will inspire others as well”.

She signs off.

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