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Corona updates: China reports zero new domestic cases for the first time

China reports zero new domestic cases for the first time

After struggling for months to control the pandemic, China, where the COVID-19 originated, has reported zero new domestic cases for the first time.

This comes from the National Health Commission in China, which said that there are no new cases in Wuhan city where the disease was believed to be originated.

It is an incredible feat for the country considering the meticulous effort taken by the government to prevent the spread.


There were eight deaths yesterday adding to a national tally of 3245. The total infectants count up to 81,000. However, the number of patients who remain sick is reported as 7263.

The government imposed strict quarantine across the provinces since January 23, 2020. It has taken more than 50 days for the Chinese government to report their first zero infectant day. And they are hoping the situation to improve gradually.

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