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COVID19: Bengaluru man helps domestic worker to start her own food business

The coronavirus pandemic have killed many jobs. While there are plenty of lay-offs, the domestic workers and guest workers are suffering more because they depend mostly on daily wages.

Since the lockdown is bit eased now, the workers are looking to make up for the time.

Recently, a Bengaluru man came forward to help his domestic worker who cooks for him. He helped her to open an online food business.

The man was awe of her cooking, especially, crab curry and thought of helping her out.

Saroj who works for Ankit Vengulukar was going through tough times. She lost her husband years ago and has three children to take care of. She does domestic works in different houses and she also sells flowers in the area.

Along with her husband, she used to run a small hotel but things took a toll when her husband died.

However, for a long time now, she wanted to set up a business. Vengulukar came to her rescue.

Right now, she takes care of the cooking and Vengulukar handles online stuff, taking up orders.

Right after he posted about this online, they were getting a lot of orders.

The story is already viral on the internet and now, they have their own website.

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