Darbar Audio Launch: Superstar Rajinikanth’s speech

Superstar Rajinikanth once again won people’s hearts with his words on the stage and we tried to curate a few of what he said on stage.

“Near London Subaskaran wanted to open a park in my name, I said no please don’t do that”

“I really like #Ramana and I asked #ARMurugadoss if he has a story for me. I was doing #Sivaji at that time and he was also busy with #Ghajini Hindi remake. Later after doing #Lingaa, I decided not to do roles that are younger”

“Karthik Subbaraj wanted to show me younger and it worked. After seeing that, Murugadoss came up again with a script in just one week. Darbar padam ellarukum oru viruntha irukkum”

“Rajinikanth about Nayanthara – “Chandramukhi was her second film. Now, she has done over 100 films, but she is more glamorous and beautiful now.”

“Yogi Babu and Nivetha Thomas have given life to the film with their performance.”

மூன்று முகத்துக்கு அப்புறம் இந்த படம் பவர் புல் கேரக்டர் ல பண்ணி இருக்கேன். 

“Rajinikanth calls Anirudh- “NAMMA VEETTU KOZHANDHA”.

 “Music directors won’t have story sense. I have seen Ilaiyaraaja having that sense. Anirudh has developed that quality now itself, in this early stage of his career” 

“இந்த வருடம் என் பிறந்த நாள் என் வாழ்க்கையில் மிக முக்கியமான பிறந்த நாள். எழுபதாவது வயதில் அடியெடுத்து வைக்கிறேன். அன்று நான் சென்னையில் இருக்க மாட்டேன். ஆடம்பரமாக அதைக் கொண்டாடாதீர்கள்”

Neram, Kaalam, Santharppam, Sulnizhai, Suthi ulla manithargalum than vetri!

“ரஜினிகாந்த் என்ற பெயரை ஒரு நல்ல நடிகனுக்கு வைக்கலாம் என்று பாலச்சந்தர் யோசிச்சிட்டு இருந்தப்போ என்ன பாத்து அந்த நம்பிக்கையை வச்சி அந்த பேரை எனக்கு வச்சாரு. என் மேல நீங்க வச்சிருக்குற நம்பிக்கை என்றும் வீண் போகாது”

Thalaivar recalled an unknown incident where he didn’t want to study in college and escaped to Chennai! 

Thalaivar talks about negativity on social media – “There is so much of negativity on social media and in real world. Coffee kondu va na vara matranga.. Saniyane coffee kondu va na kondu varanga”

“Let us all spread love and live peacefully. Love is what that is needed now.” He finishes his speech. Requests his fans to reach back to their homes safely.

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