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Dear Sachin…

Dear Sachin,
I know I have been writing the same thing for like years, but every time I try to write about you, I don’t find the right words because it’s you, Sachin and I have grown up watching you. I grew up with your cricket.

You were one of the first names I ever spoke because you were like a family to us. While people had bedtime stories, I had your matches (and Dada’s) along with that.

When I was probably five years old, my mother wanted me to maintain a diary, and there it all started. Since I didn’t know anything else to write, I used to mark your runs, scores on the respective dates. It was something I enjoyed doing.

I liked to imitate you despite batting left-handed. More than cricket, you have given me and taught me so much. To start with, you taught me cricket.

Lesser did I know I would make a career out of it when I grow up. Everything started with you. Today, I run my own website and People do know me for that, and if not for you, that wouldn’t have happened. That is the reason why my day cannot pass without thinking about you. I haven’t seen God, but I do have all the rights to think you as one because hey, you have given me a career, a life.

You did teach me how to break all the stereotypes.

You were super young when you faced some of the legends of the game. You should have been nervous, scared. Yes, you were. But you still got through it all with flying colours. In a way, your first tour to Pakistan is something that helps to overcome fears.

You did teach me how to go with your strengths
The knock of 241 against Australia, a near spiritual innings, where you didn’t play a single cover drive because you got out to the outside off delivery a few times before this match. This was the example I took when I wanted to create my USP.

You taught me how to give it back to the people through your success and most importantly how to go behind the passion.
I don’t think anybody needs an explanation for this.

There are far too many to point out what you have taught me all these years; these incidents play a major role in my life.

To be honest, you have given me a lot rather than what I have given to you as a fan. You have been my “mentor”, my role model, my everything even though you didn’t even know that I exist.

Maybe, that’s why I choke every time I try telling your full name. It does something to me, and I end up with tears every time. Of course, I know these all sound cheeky, but only if you are in the receiving side, you would know what it is and what you have done to me.

I’m sure if I meet you, I will cry. Cry so much that you might even laugh at me but believe me, I tried imagining what it would be like to meet you in person and I did rehearse what I should tell you by standing before the mirror and every single time, I literally choke. Still, maybe someday, I wish to meet you, tell you that I grew up with you and you are one of the main reasons if not the main reason why I’m living this life now.

Even after years, more than you games, the ‘Sachinn, Sachinn’ chant completely changes my day, makes me happy and that retirement speech video is something I promised myself not to watch once again because I know how it will hurt me.

I love you is a tiny. I owe my life to you. You are my everything. More than just love. Thanks for everything. On and off the ground. Thanks for this life. You are my God and you ONLY will be.


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