Dear Vedu Akka…

Dear Veda Krishnamurty,
Writing about cricket is what I do, and I seldom fall short of words when I have to write a post. Hey, it’s you.

People who know me know that I’m equally obsessed with women’s cricket as much as I’m for men’s cricket and when it comes to women’s cricket, you have been my star. Of course, I love a lot of cricketers, and I enjoy their game, but It’s only you who made me sit, watch the game, pray that you score big.

I’m superstitious. I stick to the same pattern if things are working. You know what, I didn’t move my legs for the whole match during your knock against New Zealand in the World Cup. To watch you play an innings like that, it was one of the best days of my life.

Of course, everybody knew you from that time and they might have become your fan by now but my love for you goes years back, during one of the domestic matches. A match I happened to witness live. You were a teen, possibly 16 years, almost the same age as mine. From that day on, I tried my best to keep myself updated with whatever you did, even today.

Today, it is more like a routine to go through your Social Media, to know what you are up to.

Coming back to those days, when you debuted for India at the age of 18 and when you scored a fifty, I was the happiest and kept telling people how I already knew what you are capable of. It was like seeing myself battling against the odds.

Of course, your journey wasn’t easy after all. You had to break the stereotype, convince your parents to join the cricket training and you didn’t make them regret that decision by getting into the Indian team.

If you didn’t take that decision, you might have been an IAS or IPS officer now, and I’m sure you still will be inspiring people out there.

You have been one of the very few cricketers who stands apart when it comes to the fielding. Possibly the best fielder in the team. In most of the occasions, the runs you saved, the catch you took has changed the outcome of the match. Cricket is about fielding too. Catches win matches too. With your fielding, you do lift the entire team. Things like this cheer them up as well and oh, that Afridi pose during WBBL.

With years, you showed us all that dreams has no boundaries, and you turned a Hurricane. Though you didn’t do justice to your potential there, playing at the WBBL is not a joke and a lot of cricketers only achieve it in dreams.

From idolizing somebody to becoming their friend, playing with them in the same team, definitely, it is fairytale stuff and you did experience it, didn’t you with Mithali Raj? It is such a heart-warming story and you guys are what you call “goals” for me.

You are like a part of our family here, and as much as I love you, I get frustrated whenever you throw your wicket away, and you know it happens. I do get hurt at times, but it’s part and parcel of the game and watching you play helps me to move on.

What do I like about you so much?

While I don’t have a specific reason, there are a few moments. Starting with how honest you were when asked about your downs. You said you got carried away. Not many cricketers are ready to accept that fact and work hard to move on.

You are one of the coolest cricketers I know. You know how to enjoy each and every moment and with every social media post, your humour and your wittiness in reply stands apart. Well, everyone knows how good a dancer you are. How can one forget that footage from the World Cup?

Every time, when such videos come up, you literally make my day. Despite being a celebrity yourself, you don’t shy away from having your fan-girl moments. The way you maintain friendships is inspiring too.

Oh yes, I completely forgot to mention about your game. I’m a big fan of your lofted straight drive and the cover drive. You are one of the very few players who can pull those off with ease. There will be the essence of elegance in your shot that takes the ball to the boundary. It is more like a gentle touch. You don’t slap it hard, but a simple touch and it works like Midas. Those are not the exact textbook shots, but it’s beautiful. There is a slight uncertainty with the end result of the shot, but still, you would have found the gap to get you a two or even three which is rare in Women’s game. Thanks to your athleticism as well. Your Karate and other fitness workout take the bigger picture here.

Well, I know I’m blabbering something here, and I still feel that I’m short of words in explaining how much I love you. Again, it’s you.

I would like to finish this stupidity by penning my small wish. It is nothing but seeing you take India over the finish line in the final of the World Cup. I badly wish that it happens soon.

Thank you for being such an inspiration. A beautiful soul. I cannot wait to meet you in person. Happy Birthday, Vedu Akka. I love you.