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Delhi HC grants bail to Safoora Zargar

Safoora Zargar has been granted bail on the third day of hearing of her fourth plea in Delhi High Court.

The Jamia Millia Islamia student and Anti-CAA activist has to furnish a bond and follow a few conditions.

  1. She shouldn’t indulge in the activities similar to the one she is arrested for.
  2. She should refrain from hampering investigation.
  3. She should not leave the Delhi territory without permission
  4. She should be in touch with the officials every 15 days.

The bail was granted after the solicitor general told the court that the state agrees on ‘humanitarian grounds’ to grant bail.

The court clarified that this shouldn’t be “treated as a precedent” in any case.

This is her fourth attempt for the bail since her arrest on April 10th.

The hearing for fourth attempt for the bail began on June 18th.

As she is in her 23rd week of her pregnancy, there were concerns as the jail is overcrowded and also there is COVID19 pandemic.

On June 22, the police pointed out that there were 30+ deliveries happened in the Tihar Jail over last ten years and adequate care is being given for Safoora Zargar.

They also pointed out that pregnancy cannot be the “reason” to grant bail.

Today, Solicitor General, without getting into the merits of the plea and without considering this as a precedent said that the State has no problem with Safoora being released on bail provided she doesn’t indulge in activities she’s being investigated for.

Justice Shakhdher also highlighted that he had received certain documents in “sealed cover” from the State, which he has not opened or perused. The same will be returned to the office of the Solicitor General, the judge said.

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