“Everything changed after Bigg Boss”, says Ahmed Meeran

I have been a fan of him since Bigg Boss season 2. His own way of trolling the Bigg Boss contestants would have entertained everyone who watched his videos and performances. Later, I came to know that he is not just a dubsmasher or a troll master, he is also a very good singer and also a student from IIM Kashipur.

His recent comment about “Julie’s upcoming movie” would have gone viral but none realized that its just his view.

Actually, I wanted to write a blog about him as he is doing something different and attracts an audience in his own unique way. But then, I approached and asked him if he would be able to take up an interview as many people like m

e would love to know more about him, not just about his dubsmashes.

So here comes the questions we asked Ahmed Meeran.

1. Your first video on Instagram was a singing video and then you posted your “dubsmash and musically” videos. How did this change happen?

I am a Vadivelu fan. I started doing Vadivelu dubs. What made them stand out was that I do not do 15 seconds musically dub smashes but I made single shot 1-minute lengthy dubs. It reached well as I was the only one doing single shot dubs at that time (February 2018). Then one day I was hearing Chithi serial’s title song and suddenly got an idea ‘’Why not make a funny dub for it?’’. Therefore, this is how the change happened and the immense response from people made me continue with my dubs along with songs.

2. You chose Instagram just to make people Laugh Out Loud?

 No. I started Instagram to make the world hear my voice. However, initially, not many people bothered to support my singing. I started dubs for fun. I was the one who started the trend of dub smashing for serial songs. Those serial dubs reached well to people. Trolls too happened just like that. Later I realized that people spend their valuable data to seek full on entertainment and not just hear some random person’s voice. In addition, it made a lot of sense to me. Therefore, I decided to serve a mix of all singing, comedy, trolls, social issues, educational tips. It clicked amongst the Masses and thank god for that.


3. Your “dub smashes” explains that you follow Bigg Boss regularly. Do you really like the show or you just saw to troll the contestants?

The fanboy in me made me do BB Trolls with passion. This answers it all.

4. Who is your favorite Bigg Boss contestant?

 Mumtaz, any day. There were huge speculations that my support for Mumtaz was religion based. Last year I supported Oviya. Does that make me a Christian? My point is that I loved Mumtaz’s character. That was all about it.


5. How do you choose those songs when you troll the contestants? Is that “spur of the moment?”

Well, I use my favorite songs and try to relate somehow. At times, I use the situation and character to search for related songs. To be honest, not much work goes into searching for songs. It just happens with the flow. After posting the video when people observe certain things and comment on them, then I realize ‘’Oh yes, I did not think that way, thank god that it synchronized’’.


6. How did you feel when you gathered a huge number of fans during Bigg Boss?

 Everything changed after Bigg Boss. My close friends make fun of me saying ‘’More than the housemates, you used Bigg Boss’’ Haha. But yes, I definitely feel very happy at the same time humbled because coming from an Island, without having much exposure to Tamil Nadu I could do it all by myself. Now many people identify me with my BB Trolls. I feel this is a gift for my efforts in making videos almost every day for 106 days non stop.

7. Do you want to excel in this entertainment field or you going to do something related to your study for your living?

 My heart says ‘’Choose your passion, Ahmed’’. Nevertheless, right now there are certain constraints for which I am limiting myself to the online medium alone. After completing my M.B.A, alone I can say what is waiting for me.


8. Where do you see yourself in another 10 years?

 A happy man living his personal life peacefully and successful in his passion and career. However, you never know my passion can become my career too. Let us wait for it.