From an unknown village to a star- Golden Girl Gomathi Marimuthu’s story!

Gomathi Marimuthu, a name that is headlining all the news channels for a while now, thanks to her Gold medal in the Asia Athletic Championships. The 31-year-old stunned all to win the race from the last. She ran a race of her life, for her life. It seemed as if it was the only way to make the world know about her place, Mudikandam, in the outskirts of Trichy.

It was a normal day for Rasathi where she went to work in her field until her neighbours came rushing in to tell her that Gomathi’s face is headlining all the news channels and she has won a medal in 800-meter event. Living in the place where they don’t even have enough space to keep her medals, Rasathi said she had no idea how to turn on even the Television but her neighbour helped her to catch Gomathi’s race highlights which Rasathi doesn’t even understand.

“Last week, Gomathi (who lives in Bangalore, thanks to her job in Income Tax department) told me that she was going abroad to take part in an athletics meet and that she would call me after April 25. Till today morning, I had no idea about her achievement. I am very proud that my girl from this small village has reached such heights with determination and hard work,” Rasathi told Sportstar.

Younger of the four kids of late Marimuthu, Gomathi showed interest in Athletics right from her young age but it was during her college where she received proper training under Rajamani.

Her father, who was the pillar of her support, even after injuring his leg, used to drop her to the classes as early as 4.45 am.

Rasathi is sure that Gomathi’s father will be proud that she was able to achieve this feat, which was his dream as well.

Gomathi, now, wants to concentrate more on her game and has asked to postpone marriage.