From being abandoned to anxiety, Sid Mallya’s new series on mental health

Siddharth Mallya, son of Vijay Mallya, is all set to feature an online video series called “ConSIDer This”. He will be seen talking candidly about battling his various mental issues over the years and how he works towards trying to overcome them every single day.

Within the next fortnight when the first episode drops, you will see Sid talk about some extremely personal and tough experiences including taking antidepressants, living with OCD, the abandonment issues he suffered as a child due to his parents’ divorce and the anxiety that came from dealing with his father’s legal battle.

Talking about the same, Sid shared, “So after my post about antidepressants a few months back, lots of people have been messaging me and asking about my experience and how I coped. Soooo…..I’ve decided to do a new series of vids talking about all the mental issues I’ve experienced personally, and what helped me get through them!! I’m always so humbled by the support I receive from all of u out there on a regular basis, so hopefully, I can return the love and offer some support to you as well.”