Hand dryers are gross

If you are not a person who cannot handle the fact that you are voluntarily exposing yourselves to germs then please do not read this.

Have you ever felt so good after using hand dryers in public restrooms? Hell, Yeah! That hot air removing the moisture from our clean, washed hands soothes the skin. But recent studies states that it makes our hands dirtier than before.

Scientists have been conducting experiments using many bathroom hand dryers and it has been found some poop pieces and urine droplets can reach our hands and makes our washed hands gross.

However, not all bacteria are bad to us. We got to have a strong immune system but its highly risky to use those hand dryers.

We all want to move into an environmental friendly world by giving up those paper towels and using hand dryers but it sounds awful to put our lives as bait.

Its time to have some hand sanitizers, tissues and baby wipes (Like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) in our bags to avoid these “Eco-friendly spoilers”