Have you seen anyone who is hangry?

Well, I will tell my experience.

I was dating a girl. At one point we wanted to take it to the next level. I proposed and we are in a serious relationship now. One day, when we were dating she said “You should have seen me when I am hangry. You can see a completely different avatar of Mekha”. I just laughed that time and an year after I was so lucky (sarcasm) to see that avatar.

Never knew she would have skipped her lunch to meet me as I was returning from my conference in New Jersey. We both met after a week and she was all excited in the airport. At that time, food exceeded love which is totally rare in her case.

“Shall we go for lunch?” She asked with love oozing out of her eyes.

“No Mekha, I had in airplane” said I casually without thinking about the storm which is about to strike.

“I thought, I would have with you” said she in disappointment.

“No worries. I had an hour back. Let’s have in a restaurant nearby” lied I and booked a cab.

Never knew that South Indian restaurant will be crowded so much. It was like the entire vegetarian society of Chennai was in that place.

She gave a deadly stare while we were waiting for the table.

“Don’t you know this place will be rush at this time?” said she biting her teeth.

“You eat only in vegetarian restaurants, right? What choice do I have?” I explained her calmly.

“Don’t talk till I get my food.” That was her second warning.

After we got our table, the waiter handed the menu card and asked us to choose,

“What do you want Mekha?” said I and looked in the desserts column for me.

She stared again and said “Meals!” in higher decibels.

The waiter left and I tried to have a conversation with her not remembering the warning she gave.

“Anything happened Mekha?” asked I while she was scrolling in her mobile.

She gave a stare for not following her second warning and said,

“If I have saved the food I wasted all these years. I wouldn’t be starving now” said she in hunger.

“No worries, you will get your food soon” I tried to pamper her.

She stared again and said “Didn’t I ask you not to talk till I eat?”

“To who were you talking to?” I asked again.

“You are impossible” said she in extreme hatred.

Never knew hunger + angry could make people violent to this extent.

That time, I got a lifesaving moment from the waiter who brought her food in a big platter and kept it on our table.

When she touched the food without washing her hands my inner voice asked me not to mention but my OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder)* wanted me to get a hard slap from her.

“Mekha, you didn’t wash your hands, baby” said I as politely as I could.

“I will not die if I didn’t wash my hands. But I will if I didn’t eat now. Are you okay with that?” She shouted and all our fellow strangers gave a look as they are so good in that.

Then I made myself clear that I must not utter a word till she wipes the plate.

When I was so much into Clash of Clans, she called me how she used to when she is not hungry.

“Patootie” and I was so glad that my Mekha returned back.

“Tummy full, baby?” I asked as if nothing happened.

“Yeah. Have a look on my handbag, I will be in a minute” said she and went to wash her hands.

I smiled and smiled when her HANGRY face was striking me when she was away in that entire minute.

After paying the bill, we took a bus to her home.

When we both were sitting in the last row,
“So that is your hangry face?” I asked her.

She gave a smile which was a blend of shyness and shame.

“I told you before to beware of my hangry-ness “said she and we both took a selfie.

That’s my wallpaper till now.

A moment to cherish forever.

Gif source -Google