Happy Birthday, Harish Kalyan!

There is this saying called ‘Grass is always greener on the other side’. People would have seen Harish Kalyan in that way. Unless we see life through his shoes we would never know his state of mind when his movies didn’t do well.

Of course, there were a lot initially. Blame his story selection. Blame whatever you want. Nobody does a movie to fail. Everybody wants to be a winner, and everybody makes mistakes too. Harish Kalyan’s initial movies weren’t as great as one would have imagined. He had to wait for say four years since his acting career to get a tiny breakthrough to make a name for himself.

Thankfully, Poriyalan did wonders for him. It was called a sibling to Vetrimaaran(He produced Poriyalan as well)’s Pollaathavan. The movie went on to win a few more roles for Harish Kalyan, He then made it through with Vil Ambu, another movie that helped him to win the critics. The second movie made a few heads turn. Gain.
Nothing reaches you to the people as much as Television they say and Bigg Boss was one of a kind. Bigg Boss happened when people were looking out for a different reality show. Bigg Boss happened at the right time of Harish Kalyan’s career. For days, Harish Kalyan was the talk of the town. People loved him for what he was, for his heart and of course for his looks.

People actually went back to watch his movies and liked them after he entered Bigg Boss. Maybe because they knew him in and out now. He wasn’t just another handsome actor but someone who knows to act. If that was winning him appreciation, his other skills, singing and piano were making people go crazy.

Once he came out of the house, he was one of the most talked actors. He was there in a lot of interviews, a lot of magazine covers, he was one of the most desirable men, tagged as next big thing. The timing couldn’t have been better.

The show did get him a lot of movie opportunities as well and thus, Pyaar Prema Kadhal happened. It was fresh, a new type of romance which wasn’t as familiar as it would be in other states. People loved the way the story was told and of course, they loved to watch him on screens.

If Pyaar Prema Kadhal got him to the stardom, Ispaade Raja… took him to the next level. The movie didn’t hit a lot when it got released, but the movie slowly had its effect on them. It again was a win. The movie gave him a lot more offers as well.

If we look into his movies, he not only would have done justice to his role whether the movie was a hit or flop. If that is his plus, his USP is definitely the way he breaks the stereotypes. Something not many actors we come across are ready to do. He definitely has a lot to prove, a lot more work to do in his career which is like just starting but he is in the right path.

With years to come and a good selection of movies (We heard Vicky Donor remake is on the cards), he can achieve much more success in his career.

Happy Birthday, Harish Kalyan!