Historic contract with better pay announced for NZ women!

Following the footsteps of the Australian Board, the New Zealand Board is all set to pay their women cricketers more and comes up with a contract that would benefit the domestic players as well.

Here are the key points of the contract

  1. Players payment pool goes up from $1.575 million to $4.136 million for three years
  2. Centrally contracted players will go up from 15 to 17
  3. The contract also includes domestic players now, making the total to 79 from 15.
  4. 54 Domestic players, nine players from each of six teams, will now have a contract based on Domestic Competition Agreements worth $3,250 
  5. The pay for the centrally contracted player has risen to a range of $64,000 to $40,000 annually (inclusive of a retainer payment, retirement fund contribution and promotional payment). 
  6. In addition, the centrally contracted players can earn up to $16,000 per international match.
  7. 8 centrally contracted players in the development can also earn $7,500 through development programmes, through domestic competitions.

Talking about the contract, captain Amy said, “I know people tend to focus on the White Ferns’ contracts but the investment in domestic and developing players is an important step forward for women’s cricket in New Zealand. This is an agreement that recognises the need to grow the game at the grassroots and domestic level in order to produce White Ferns who excel on the world stage.”