Hotel Saravana Bhavan owner Rajagopal sentenced for life!

The owner of one of the top brands when it comes to food, Saravana Bhavan, is sentenced for life for the murder of one of his employees in 2001 by the Top Court.

Rajagopal, out on bail granted by the Supreme Court in 2009, has to surrender by July 7.

Rajagopal had challenged the Madras High Court verdict, sentencing him to life for murdering an employee, Santhakumar. He had plotted the murder of Santhakumar, to marry his wife, the prosecution had argued.

It all started when Rajagopal wanted to marry the daughter of Assistant Manager of Saravana Bhavan, Jeevajothi. At that time Rajagopal had two wives.

Jeevajothi rejected the marriage proposal and married Shanthakumar in 1999. The prosecution told the court that he threatened the couple to call off the marriage and the couple filed a complaint on Rajagopal.

Days after the complaint was filed, Shanthakumar was kidnapped and killed.