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“I dont want to waste which I was just doing for fun”, says Sowjanya

Sowjanya is the founder of the blog site “An Indo Urban Gal”, who updates people in 3Fs which are Food, Fashion and Fitness. We had an interesting chat about her motives and how is she keeping it up to date and here is the detailed conversation.

• How did you get started with these 3Fs?
I like to explore places and take pictures of what I eat, so I thought I can start a page and share it so that’s how it started.

Can you walk us through the whole idea of you choosing a restaurant or a boutique?
I choose resto based upon their ambiance and positive reviews and the boutiques I choose are according to my taste.

• What is your main source of inspiration for staying up to date in food, fashion and fitness?

I wouldn’t say it as inspiration it’s that I don’t want to waste which I was just doing for fun.

• How do you think that your style of dressing would inspire a girl from a different backdrop say a Mumbai girl?

First my dressing is very budget friendly and few dress I design up on own and most importantly my choices will be simple but also elegant at the same way.

• Say some of your favorite updated trend or style in accessories?
Kalamkari and ikat types and whatever the outfit I match it up with big earrings.

• Have you done any collaborations so far?
Yeah with few.

• When it comes to fitness, what is the one piece of advice you would like to give to people?
Don’t give up once you’ve achieved your target, just keep on going.

• How you are planning to build “An Indo-Urban Gal” in the future?
I just want to keep it simple , affordable and accessible.

• Where do you see Tamil Nadu in terms of fashion after 10 years?

New innovations with a traditional touch.

This is her website where you can find her blogs about 3Fs.

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