I see death every day: Dr Aravindha Raj | Men’s Day Special



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We come across a lot of inspiring people in day to day life. A lot of people have proven that Social Media can be used as a platform to inspire. Aravindha Raj is one of them.

Dr Aravindha Raj, I should say. After finishing his MBBS, he practices medicine now in a multi-speciality hospital. Well, what’s so inspiring about him?

The way he uses Social media to educate people on different medical conditions. Talking about the same, “Using Social media as a platform to teach people regarding health is not so easy; First, Irrespective of their education status, most people lack knowledge about medicine. Even if they do so, Most of the times, things get understood in the wrong way. So, I have to be very clear and precise while dealing with them. It’s almost like teaching Alphabets to kids. On the other hand, I have to deal with people who constantly send fake WhatsApp forwards that Modern Medicine is an act of Corporate trap and all. I feel like I am into some battlefield whenever I post medical related awareness posts. As Captain America said, I can do it all day and I am quite happy about my progress and the great response from people around,” says Aravindha Raj.

Being a doctor is not easy too. As a doctor, one will be forced to meet different patients which might affect their mental health. When asked how he handles things, “Definitely, Being a Doctor, I meet ‘n’ number of people every day. It does shatter my mental and physical health. I see death every day. It (Being a doctor) has its own pros and cons. All my life, My profession taught me to keep myself and the people around me as happy as possible since we all gonna die one day. Until the day Arrives, We have to put on a good show,” he replies.

As he deals with different patients, we asked about his memorable incident. Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine are my Favourite subjects.

I have met a patient during my internship. His name is Rahul. He is from Uttar Pradesh I guess. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. His family left him alone. Being a schizophrenic he always has got delusions and Hallucinations. He has got delusion of Grandeur (Thinks he is very rich and famous). Whenever I go to his ward, He calls me to say “Come Major Aravind, We have got War with Pakistan today”. He thinks that the ward is his Army Headquarters. Whenever I question him where his wife is, He would tell me, “Hey Major…Look ..they are here…Meet Mrs.Lakshmi and Mrs.Seetha…” He even presented me with a small locket and that was my first reward as a doctor from a patient.

After narrating this interesting story, he adds that his routine usually starts at night.
“My day usually starts at night. I work at night shifts. 8 pm to 8 am. Post 9 am, I come home and play with my dog. Then I cook my own food despite the fact I live with parents. I hear some good music and I pass out. I never skip the gym despite my heavy works. So evening 5 to 7 would be my ideal gym timings. If I am lucky enough someday where there is less patient load, I do Netflix and Chill at ICU doctors room.

Talking about his transformation and his fitness routine, he says that he followed LCHF.

“Well. I lost almost 55 kgs. I dropped down from 129 kg to 74kgs. I followed the LCHF (Low Carbohydrate high-fat diet). Never been to the gym until I dropped down to 83. It took one year for me to transform into a new human. Paleo is the key to a healthy lifestyle. I’m an example of that.

As we come to the conclusion of the interview, we wanted to ask a few lines about the men’s day. Here are a few words for the people.
“Just love people around irrespective of gender and status. Make yourself an inspiration to yourself. Then You will inspire others. Ignore negativity as much as you can and Put a bloody smile on your face champ”, says Arvindha Raj and signs off.