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I suffer from anxiety, exercise keeps me in check: Shruti Haasan

Actor Shruti Haasan was in London before moving to Mumbai during the lockdown. Right after the rules are bit relaxed, the actor travelled to Hyderabad for works and she is currently in a house in Hyderabad where she lives alone.

The actor told to TOI that she is really glad that the rules are bit relaxed now and she can go for a run. She says that exercise is vital for her to keep her anxiety in check.

“I had come back to Mumbai from London and found that the whole vibe of the city was a bit flat. I live in a beautiful apartment but there’s no balcony or a garden that gives me the chance to go out. I had some work in Hyderabad so I moved here and it already feels like home. I stay in a wonderful place with a garden and I can go out for a run whenever I want,” says Shruti, adding, “I run to stay fit, yes. But it’s also a part of my mental health exercise. I suffer from anxiety and I figured that regular exercise is the one thing that keeps it in check and keeps me grounded.”

Shruti has also been training in mixed martial arts. “I really enjoy fighting. It’s strange, because you’d think that fighting makes you aggressive, but it’s the one thing that calms me down,” she shares.

Shruti Haasan is one of the very few stars to open up about the importance of mental health. She confesses that she wasn’t comfortable earlier to address the topic.

“I’ve always felt that talking about mental health issues will expose some sort of weakness within me or tell the world that I’m not adept at dealing with life.

I’m talking about it now to spread awareness about it so that we can together break the stigma around mental health.”

On the work front, the actor will be back with Laabam after taking a break. Her film Yara which she did years ago will have an OTT release now.

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