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I value to cherish memories over money: “Explore with Thamizhachi” Monisha Boopathi

Monisha Boopathi probably is an epitome to “Breaking the stereotypes”. Despite having a 9-5 job, Monisha knows how to follow her passion and enjoy life. Penbugs got in touch with the multi-faceted woman. 

Let’s begin with this, A few words about You…

I graduated as a textile technologist from ACTech, Anna University, Chennai. I am currently pursuing my career as a brand manager for a leading textile chemical company. Amidst my full-time work, I try and make time to explore my passion for adventure, and experience diverse cultures, cuisines and art. When I share it with people it really inspires and empowers them. I see travel as an experimental learning platform for in-cultivating best life skills. I strongly believe that travel can help people to come out of their comfort zone, get accustomed to a different culture, belief and food which will inclusiveness in diversity. It also helps us see the world and things around with a macro-diverse vision. There is saying ‘travel is the best education that money can buy’ and I truly believe to nurture this ‘intangible possession’ which travel can give me.

Journey with “Explore with Thamizhachi

It all started in my childhood. My family always preferred travelling to various places rather than going to the cinema or restaurants. My dad was transferred quite often to various parts of India, so I grew up experiencing various cultures, as a Tamil-speaking girl. After I graduated in 2014, my first job took me to Mumbai, a city of dreams. While I was there, I would explore various places every weekend after work. When I moved to Bangalore, I started ”EXPLORE WITH THAMIZHACHI”, my digital travelogue. Presently, I have been to 6 countries, and 18 states, and 4 union territories in India.

Your love for Mandala art and Photography

In India, I think Art and Photography are still undervalued. Art and Photography are more than merely a pastime. They are two of the most liberating human endeavours and enables intuitive learning in oneself. Art is a deeply emotive form of communication, self-expression, and creativity. A mandala is a form of meditative art characterized by repetitive symmetric patterns. I am a self-taught Mandala artist for the last 5 years, and I make time for it every week. It has helped me stay focused, relaxed, and confident, and so has Photography. I feel photographs and visuals is a form of communication. It helps me to explore different stories, cultures of amazing places to people.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I always get inspired by women in the field, because I could easily relate myself to them. I could relate the efforts of every woman to get out social taboos and to stay strong in pursuing her dreams along with responsibilities she has to carry along with. I must name Kamiya Jani, a globetrotter herself, whose valuable pieces of advice and ideas have helped me build “Explore With Thamizhachi”. Her talks and articles have been greatly encouraging. Also, I must mention Michelle Obama for her views on women equality and diverse practical approaches of empowering women and voicing over thoughts. It keeps me motivated.

A few words about your Mandala Workshop

It is a therapeutic art workshop. I organize sessions for kids as well as adults. I want to introduce Mandala art to as many people as I could. Practising the art consistently helps to eliminate anxiety, improves temperament, boosts self-confidence and attention span. Have been conducting online mandala workshops since the last two months, and have introduced this art to over a hundred people across India. Hopefully, I would reach over 500 people by the end of this year. I have scheduled my next workshop on August 16, 2020. Besides I nurture the skills of my participants in the Mandala community group with weekly Mandala Challenges and constantly mentor them the Mandala art. I post the best works in @mandalawithmoni IG page. Here is the payment link for the workshop:

How would it be balancing work and Passion?

My job is a mixture of desktop office work, and visits to my clientele that offers me an opportunity to understand people from all sorts of backgrounds. Sometimes, I extend my official travel to make time for my escapades. Having a 9-5 job, I effectively plan my travel at the beginning of every year and take my leaves wisely in line with my corporate holidays. I generally pre-plan for far-away destinations that I visit during my vacations, where I would have to book flight tickets, prepare my itinerary, and manage my budget.

How do you see travelling after this Covid19 pandemic?

Travel Industry has definitely been hardly hit by the pandemic. Recovery in India might be slow compared to other countries. Post COVID-19, until everything normalizes I would prefer to be cautious where long-distance travel is concerned. The positive outlook of post-pandemic in the travel industry would be extra hygiene precautions among travellers and travel operators.


Have you heard of the below lines?

‘Travel is a privilege of the rich’. ‘Girls cannot travel solo frequently’. ‘Girls cannot drive properly, or take long drives independently’. ‘Girls cannot plan to travel with their family and friends by themselves ’

Such are the myths and stereotypes I have proudly busted. I Value to Cherish memories over money. Travel is not a privilege of the rich, but a moment to feel rich with experiences. And yes, girls can indeed travel and thanks for a support system which help me believe in my dreams.

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