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In conversation with Afghan’s 1st woman animator Sara Barakzai

The animation isn’t an easy course, but for Sara Barakzai it is everything. She picked up an interest in art when she was young and began to paint professionally when she was nine years old.

After finishing school, she had a scholarship through the Talent and Scholarship Exam to study in Turkey. Now, she is the first woman animator in her country. She is also teaching animation to fellow Afghans.

Excerpts from the interview:

You are the first Woman animator from your country, how does it feel?

Of course, good. I also have the responsibility to teach animation and help my people in the country through the course. Animation in Afghanistan is a new course, and most of the people don’t know what it means. I try my best to create awareness and teach my people through art.

You currently teach young girls to take up animator, right? Tell us about that.

Yes, ever since I started animation, I have felt the lack of animation industry in my homeland. There were no graphic and animation facilities for the girls in my country. ‏That’s why I started teaching and developing animation and graphics. Every year, during my university vacations, I hold face-to-face and online courses for girls all over my country.

How many courses have you done so far?

So far, I’ve done about eight graphics and animation courses and fifteen online animation and design courses. Fortunately, we have now formed a large and good team called the Afghan girl’s animation team.

Art is time-consuming. How do you make time for them?

Yes, The art of animation is one of the most time-consuming professions
and to be honest, I work hard on it every day, I learn to research it. And of course, with a lot of practice, I was able to increase my speed, and I’m always constantly learning and practising animation. My biggest wish is to draw a “movement”.

Where do you get the ideas from?

My ideas come from everyday events, especially, my country events and cultures, but because I am personally interested in science, and astronomy, I get ideas by studying these sections.

You do sell your art to different countries, right?

Yes, my paintings have been bought and exhibited in ten countries so far, and more than fifteen countries have bought my animation and design work so far.

What are your future plans?

My biggest goal is to be able to work at Disney and create animations,
to make animated and cinematic films based on the culture of my country. ‏I know it’s not easy, but I do my best.

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