Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu[2019]: A Conspicuous, Mysterious Drama that’s served humbly at a Trailblazing Backdrop

The opening scene of the film captures a scrapyard where metal and men, both, are crushed to make money out of their labor. Toiling their way for a measly wage, they prepare themselves to work unguarded among the clanking sounds of metals, sharp tools and welding torches when a domineering boss yelling at them to pick up their pace. A big piece of metal chunk finds its way to them. They don’t have a clue that it’s an unexploded bomb, sitting at their feet, just waiting to explode. And as soon as the trigger arrives, for which the bomb is waiting for, it blows up the place and gets wrapped under a mass of ash cloud. The title of the film, Gundu, emerges on the screen, accompanied with an unsettling, menacing background score by Tenma.

Gundu is a conspicuous, mysterious drama that is served humbly at a trailblazing backdrop. Selvam (Dinesh), a blue collar worker, a truck driver in a metal scrapyard, doesn’t endure the frowning and the disapproval towards his profession. He is proud of who he is and aspires to own his late father’s truck soon. Chitra (Anandhi), a good-looking girl next door, loves Selvam unconditionally, crossing the class barrier between her family and Selvam’s. This poignant love story sets its way to tread the path of a storyline that’s literally a ticking bomb. Director Athiyan Athirai sets an interesting premise that’s qualified to give an edge of the seat experience. It becomes tedious at times and drags the plot more than it needs to.

It’s a Pa.Ranjith’s product and it is established in each and every frame of this film. Riythvika tries to fill the shoes of a strong, unwavering journalist. Her unshakable belief in communism is not preached but subtly infused, like her red dress in the film and how she addresses a fellow person as Comrade. Her compassion and humanity play a role in saving the world from a possible disaster. A few comical relieves are delicately crafted in a way that spell out the ignorance in the society.

Gundu touches the lives of people that we don’t spend time to think about in our everyday bustling lives. It mirrors the beauty and the ugliness that surround us in the name of conventions and makes us realize how some things are being upheld as reputations when it’s all one trigger away from turning into nothing but ashes. It talks about class division, economic inequality and the dire need to have a voice for the voiceless. Gundu intents to fight for a peaceful world where these differences in people are embraced and not frowned upon.

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