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It’s been a year since her death. This 17-year-old girl just wanted to study medicine and nothing else.

Yes, this blog is about Anitha who committed suicide for not being able to pursue her dream which is becoming a doctor.

She would have dreamed while walking in her neighbourhood about her friends, relatives and acquaintances calling her “Dr.Anitha”. She would have cured people suffering from illness. She would have wiped her patients’ tears. She would have helped other students who aspire to become a doctor.

But, but, but..

Nothing happened as she wished, as she dreamed, as she wanted, as she believed. She couldn’t fulfil her hunger to become a doctor. She marched to Supreme court to get justice for the purest form of her hard work but all went in vain. She didn’t possess any more confidence to prove herself to the government that she deserves to study. She couldn’t accept the failure which is worthless. She couldn’t accept the misjudgment.

Every other newspaper’s headlines were “Dalit girl committed suicide”

When we use caste to promote us, to project us, we are dead at that moment.

Let’s hope that we don’t miss anymore Anitha from now on.

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