It was my first time

Yes, it was my first time. I stepped into the store and looked around. Never knew where it would be. Shopkeeper asked me “what you want?”

I starred at him for a second and left the store.

“Why did Abhi ask me to do this?” I asked myself.

Then I took my Vespa and went to a supermarket.

I picked a basket and it was like a trip to search for that department.

It was in the last row and I bent down.

Called Abhi ,

“Hey, what brand do you need?” I whispered.

I took four boxes of Abhi’s choice and ran straight to the billing counter.

I don’t know why, but the bet I lost is punishing me as much as it can because there was a lady in the billing counter.

My eyes were down till she gave the bill.

Grabbed the cover and came out of the store.

Called Abhi again,

“For God’s sake, give these kind of dares to your husband and not me” I shouted in embarrassment.

She laughed and said “It won’t be a dare for Jerry.He will jump in excitement. Hey, I heard we get something free if we buy that brand. Did you get it too?” 

“I don’t care if Jerry mistakes me”

“What you going to do?” she asked.

“Kill you” I bit my teeth.

That was my first time!

Buying a condom is not an easy task!