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Justice Served?

Today, we witnessed the encounter death of four men who were accused of the rape and murder case of Hyderabad’s doctor.

I repeat, they are “accused” but not proven guilty. There are high chances that the real rapist and murderer might be walking out free.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we put our thirst for blood and rage front and we don’t take a minute to think of the situation.

In case you forgot it, let me remind you this. Hyderabad police were also responsible in a way because they did not take any action when the family first complained. Had they gone to the place right away, things would have been different now, at least a bit.

By completely ignoring the police’s apathy, poor investigation, our outrage towards the case looks shallow for me.

I feel that we are sidestepping from the rule of law and this will not lead us anywhere.

Now, I would have preferred the death sentence of right accused rather than an encounter. Maybe, here, it was based on the situation. Maybe because there was peer pressure on the police to decide the case.

I deeply wonder if the encounters happen based on the background and influence. I still find things suspicious.

Some people are currently in jail for the rape crimes they didn’t commit just because of our outrage. That is how things are.

Again, making harsher laws cannot prevent rape alone. There were days I used to think that it would. We need proper sex education.

I believe rape happens majorly because of the “male ego and so-called power” rather than just lust. We need an education that makes everyone understand that there is no weaker sex.

Now, this encounter will not put an end to anything. Remember we have elected MPs and other leaders who have performed millions of crime including rape. We cannot do anything about it.

Coming back to us, we are the society that in a way leads to sexual violence through the objectification of women. A few days back I read stupid articles about “rape should be legalised” and a few more crappy things. I know a few people who shout about things today have treated women poorly and are involved in domestic sexual violence, harassment too.

We live in a society where we still call a special number song as an “item number” and I read crappy headlines every single day that objectifies women or should I say all the genders.

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