Kasimedu fish market sees a massive crowd; could become a new cluster

On Sunday, as the lockdown extension guidelines were released by the Tamil Nadu government, the Kasimedu Fish market in Chennai saw a huge amount of crowd to buy and sell fishes.

On normal days, Kasimedu Fish market is one of the biggest and busiest places in the city. However, since lockdown things have been different.

Chennai is the biggest contributor to the number of cases in the state with the Koyambedu market and Thiruvanmiyur market creating large cluster of cases.

On Sunday people gathered at Kasimedu Fish market like it was anyother day and there is no lockdown implemented. Social distancing norms went for a toss and most of them were not wearing masks as well.

With the cases increasing on a daily basis, such practices could create a new cluster in the city which would lead to a massive spike in the number of Corona cases.

Chennai has seen 13980 cases so far out of which 7289 have recovered. Currently there are 6488 active cases in the city.

Image courtesy: TOI

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