The Libra Ladies | Keerthy Suresh and Jyothika!

These two women didn’t have size zero figure, best features, cheeks with dimples , great voice either. They throbbed our hearts with their astounding acting skills and simple genuine smile. Jyothika and Keerthy Suresh!

Apart from sharing the same zodiac sign, Libra these two have many things in common. Both of them went unnoticed in their tamil debut movie. Despite being the female lead in Idhu enna maayam, Keerthy went unrecognised as the movie didn’t go well. Whereas the small guest role of Jyothika went unrecognised as Simran was the show-stealer in Vaali.

On the other hand both of them took a very special place in Tamil cinema and also among the people in their consecutive movies with their cute expressions, unique acting skills, kosher smile. Chubby faces of Karthika in Rajini Murugan and Janaki in Poovellam Kettupar became the most desirable face in Tamilnadu.

Though they didn’t have much roles in the further few movies, there came a major breakthrough movie for both of them in their career. If it is Mozhi for Jyothika, then its Nadigayar Thilagam for Keerthy Suresh. While the latter spoke loads and loads of dialogues, number of roles to depict the role of Savithri in the Nadigayar Thilagam, the former just ruled Mozhi without even speaking a word. Archana and Ammadi has and will have an very irreplaceable place in Kollywood.

Having said all these, it’s a bit disappointing that both of their movies are not going well in the recent past. There’s a unity again im this matter. When Keerthy is not been given the deserved roles in her hero-oriented movies in these last one year, Jyothika is overloaded with heroine-centric movies which is not working out for her character.

Let’s hope that Keerthy’s Upcoming Penguin and Jo’s Ponmagal Vandhaal would change this trait and be yet another feather in their cap!

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