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Kohli is powerful, when he speaks up, big guys listen: Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake

The second-fastest man in the world, Yohan Blake recently opened up about his life and his love for cricket and more to the Indian Express.

Q: Do you think sportspersons can distance themselves from politics or do they need to stand up for issues they feel strongly about?

I believe if you reach a stage in your career and you are wise to speak up and help, I think you should use the platform. Look, Virat Kohli is very powerful in India. If something is wrong, if he speaks up, the big guys listen. If you are that type of person and you reach that stage, you can speak up, and it will help, you should use the platform and speak.

Talking about his love for Test Cricket: I think, over the years, watching V V S Laxman, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, batting… it really intrigued me. The patience that these guys have. I really look up to them. Back in the day, that was ultimate cricket which really tests your character. As for West Indies cricket, in everything that you are doing, you are not going to reign forever. There will be a point when you will decline and then get back up again.

On how to come out of Usain Bolt’s shadow: It’s like Sachin Tendulkar with V V S Laxman or Rahul Dravid in their prime. Now Virat Kohli. Most of the other players don’t get that attention. If Cheteshwar Pujara makes a hundred, and Kohli makes a 200, he (Kohli) gets the attention. You have to be running extremely well… I have to run better to overshadow him (Bolt) and that’s not easy.

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