KS Ravikumar on Parasite-Minsara Kanna comparison: I selected an Oscar-worthy script 20 years ago!

In the recent Oscars, the movie Parasite won multiple awards and became a talk of the town soon. However, the Kollywood fans stated that the movie is similar to the plot of KS Ravikumar’s Minsara Kanna.

Minsara Kanna which was released years ago, had Vijay playing the lead. Since the comparison got viral, KS Ravikumar had his say on this: Talking about this, KS Ravikumar told The Times of India that he felt happy for choosing an Oscar worthy story even before 20 years. He was quoted as saying, “I haven’t seen Parasite, but going by what people are saying, I think I should feel happy that I selected an Oscar-worthy story 20 years ago. It’s not just me, even Vijay really loved the story and we had a great time making the film. I want to congratulate the team of Parasite for winning big at the Oscars”.

Parasite story revolves around a poor family slowly gets their way into the lives of a wealthy family for obvious economic benefits.