Life of Ram, the introvert anthem

When the ’96 album was released, I was totally into’ Anthathi’ and ‘Kathale Kathale’ (because of Chinmayi). I didn’t listen to ‘Life of Ram’ as much as I did for the other two songs. When I watched the movie, this song hit me hard than any other. While a lot of people said that they cried watching Kathale Kathale on screen, I shed tears while watching this song. In recent times, Pradeep Kumar has given me songs that are staying close to my heart, and I didn’t realize that until I heard ‘Life of Ram’.

Ram was leading the life which I (or most of us) always wanted to lead. He and his soul was communicating with nature. He met a lot of people, went to a lot of cities, pictured the beautiful moments so that he can look into it anytime. (photo la enikume enaku 37can look at it anytime and feel young (photo la epome enaku 37 vayasu dhaan). He was making memories.

Any day, if I had to choose between love or the life which Ram leads, I will prefer the latter even though I know the love I lost is going to hurt me but I also know that love will always come around no matter how and what.

And with this song, VJS would have created a mini-travel diary. Guess, Prashanth and Aishwarya Rai were the other two lucky actors. They visited all the eight wonders for ‘Poovukkul olindhirukkum…’ song.

This song will give me the same chills even after years, something similar to Moongil Kaadugale.

Or Should I call this song an introvert anthem?