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Looking to escape self-isolation? Dhiksha says Yoga comes to your rescue!

In this time of self-isolation, when the people of the entire nation find themselves quarantined inside the four walls of their home to fight the coronavirus and also fighting their own agitation for being restricted inside the houses, there comes the news of the simple life of Yoga instructor, Priya a.k.a Dhiksha (by her brand name of Yoga practice) as enlightenment. She exuberates the kind of commitment and self-discipline we all wish we have in our life. It is high time we incorporate some of her life lessons to our own blissful-unorganized lives.

Tell me about yourself Priya,

I’m from Madurai. I did DYMHH (Diploma in Yoga, Meditation and holistic health),, and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management), and currently pursuing Yoga.

I have huge passion in yoga. So I learnt Yoga and participated in competitions. I’m a national gold medalist and a recipient of “Young achiever’s Award – Yoga Shri Vibhushan”. I perform rhythmic yoga, rope yoga and fire yoga (yoga inside a ring of fire). Currently, I’m a yoga instructor in Chennai, after leaving my job in an MNC. I handle yoga classes for weight loss, flexibility and several physical and mental illness.

I also practiced Taekwondo(National player), Tennis(State player), Volley ball(District player) and Silambam. Also I’m very much interested in arts, cooking and dance.

What is the reason behind you to choose yoga?

 The truth is I didn’t chose yoga, but, Yoga chose me.

It was an accident to fall in love with yoga. During my 10th public holidays I played tennis and decided to take it up as my career. But due to several reasons I wasn’t able to fulfill my wish and dream. It was merely like a love failure. When I was in the 1st semester we had an announcement in our class for yoga class and I just want to try it. I didn’t have any idea that it would change my life altogether. I went for the class and I had a natural flexibility as I practiced taekwondo(Black belt) for several year during my schooling. So I gained the limelight very soon.

As I became addicted to the appreciation I received I started working more on it. The more I started working on it, the more I started loving it.

At What age you started Yoga?

 I started at the age of 17 during my 1st semester in 1st year of under graduation.

Recently, you have done 100days yoga challenge. Tell us about that..

The 100 days yoga challenge was a challenge set by my guru Mr.Sundar (Founder, Waves of Yoga, Madurai). It was set to all his students starting from The Yoga Day – June 21,2019 – October 1, 2019.

The intention of the challenge is to make us practice on a daily basis. Tasks were assigned to us and results has to be posted in our official group. The tasks increases on a weekly basis.

But I made a decision to post my challenge publicly to make my commitment strong. So I captured pictures of poses and posted each and every day of the challenge. I started receiving a lot of appreciation from my friends and close circles. They really encouraged me a lot throughout the challenge.

The best reward I got was a lot of people learnt from me and started involving in yogic practices.

How have you done this among your regular routine and What motivates you to keep on doing this?

As it was a great challenge not to miss even one day of practice, I opened up about my challenge in social media so that I will have a fear of responsibility. It made me run throughout the challenge.

My friends started asking me about their favorite post and they wanted to practice the same. So it encouraged me a lot to keep moving. I was very happy that my process of getting better can make someone else to do the same.

Moreover I wanted to be an inspiration, as it is really a difficult challenge to keep it up for 100 days together. I wanted to make myself stronger and motivate my peers to grow with me on a healthy motive.

How did you manage with the work life?

As my passion and work life are the same, I didn’t face much difficulty in doing this. I use the time other than I handle classes. I take my mat, mobile phone and tripod to terrace and practice. Sometimes I prefer inside my room itself. But that was not much of a difficult in front of my commitment .Yes, that single commitment made me strong and made me run till the end of the day.

Tell us about the Dhiksha Yoga?

 Dhiksha is actually a Sanskrit word which I have read in my texts. It means preparation or consecration for a religious ceremony. It is used in guru-shishya traditions when both of their minds become one and the disciple gets ready.

As I got attracted by this word and meaning I immediately decided that this should be my brand name and identity. I opened social media pages on Instagram and facebook, now on twitter also to reach out audience. And now the people I meet don’t call me by my original name, they call me Dhiskha and I feel really happy for I have created something of my own.

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