M… S… D…

He was coughing, wasn’t fully recovered from the fever he had recently. Yet, he was striking the ball hard, hard as any of the hard hitters would do. He was taking long breaths yet he wasn’t showing that on his performance. He might not be 100 per cent but even 60 per cent of MS Dhoni is better than many of the players in this world. Definitely, a lot of people can hit the ball harder than him but not everybody can play calculative innings like him. He knows who to hit and who not to, Which ball deserves what type of treatment. 2019 so far is one of his best years.

Oh yes, I’m tired of talking about his glove work and how he dislodges the stumps in a whisker. There are probably no words in the books to tell how good he is behind the stumps and we cannot compare Rishabh Pant with MS Dhoni. Pant is young, still learning and he is excellent for his age.
Though it was just a game or two, CSK was missing Dhoni, IPL was missing Dhoni. Such is the impact he has created. Yes, not a long is left in him and all we can do is, enjoy his knocks and celebrate this man as long as he is playing and playing this way because he deserves it all.