Mafia Chapter 1: Review

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First things first. The standout factor of the movie is the costumes and how those rightly fit in for both Arun Vijay and Prasanna. Arun Vijay’s toned body works as a treasure for his role as the narcotics officer. Also, the outfit for Prasanna and the matching coolers works great for him. However, the slow-motion walks drag the pace of the movie.

Now, coming into the story, Karthik Naren’s reverse narrative is good in parts but is also a little predictable. Treatment to the script in a few places is similar to that of D16.

The characters of the movie take some time to get established but while establishing the characters, Karthick Naren could’ve done it better considering how they were done in haste. This makes the first half a bit unengaging but the movie takes a good pace in the second half and ends well with a twist to give a lead to chapter 2. The movie might remind a few of watching a web series and the twist in the climax makes you come out of the theatre with good feel as it creates expectations for the next part.

The cinematography, music and editing act as the pillar for the movie. It is actually 60 this way and 40 to the script and the writing.

The movie also stars Priya Bhavani Shankar as Arun Vijay’s assistant but once again the role for her is limited as expected even though she is present throughout the movie. Prasanna as the businessman who runs the drug empire clearly owns the role.

There are no doubts that everyone in the movie is good actors and you don’t have to mention separately about their performance. Everyone has done their role with perfection and certainly adds weightage to the script.

On the whole, Mafia chapter 1 somewhere falls between average and good, blame the pace in the beginning and the dialogues. Having said that, the movie is definitely watchable. Now, cannot wait for the second part already.