Mandira Bedi welcomes Tara Bedi Kaushal

Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal has adopted a four-year-old baby girl- Tara Bedi Kaushal- in July 2020. Mandira made the announcement through her Instagram post.

“She has come to us. Like a blessing from above. Our little girl, Tara. Four years and a bit. With eyes that sparkle like stars. Sister to her Vir. Welcoming her home. With open arms and pure love. Grateful, thankful. blessed. Tara Bedi Kaushal. Became a part of our family on 28th July 2020,” wrote Bedi while sharing the image.

In an interview in 2019, Mandira said that they were looking to adopt a girl baby.

“Raj and I wanted a sister for Vir. My son is eight and we are looking at adopting a girl who could be between two-and-a-half to four-years-old. We have already thought of a name for her. We are going to call her Tara,” she said.

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